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The history of the Stevens Family Business begins with Richard Stevens and Stevens Engineering Associates. Started in 1977, the small engineering firm provided engineering services to a growing Orlando. John was recruited at a young age to accompany his father to job sites and building department meetings. It wasn't day care. John was expected to do his part in the office. He learned the craft of hand drafting at 15 and was taught how to set up a survey transit before he could drive. John can tell you stories about eating lunch at the restaurant on the top floor of the old Orlando City Hall looking down Orange Avenue. He can also tell you about getting paid with grape popsicles for holding the survey rod. These were some of the adventures you could only get with Richard “Dick” Stevens. It was a well rounded experience, working in that small engineering office. "You had to wear a lot of hats," but looking back John will tell you the experiences were invaluable and helped define him as a young businessman. "We've always been small, we've always been personable."

John earned a five-year Bachelors of Architecture Degree from Auburn University. He returned to Winter Park and worked with his father for 15 years in that small engineering office on Magnolia Ave.

Early on, John figured out that he enjoyed building things. He obtained his commercial building contractors license in 1996 and formed his construction company Stevens Inc. in 1999. Finishing what he started at Auburn, John obtained his architecture license in 2001 and the original engineering company changed its name to Stevens Engineering and Architecture, Inc.

Richard Stevens has since retired and so did the company, Stevens Engineering and Architecture, Inc. Richard’s influence on John was profound. Like his father, John believes in giving back to his community. He has served on numerous Winter Park city boards including Planning and Zoning Commission and Zoning Adjustments. He has coached multiple youth team sports and has donated his time as a Boy Scout Den Leader. 

John continues the family tradition today by running a multi-disciplined architecture and construction company, Stevens Inc. You can see the results of our design-build process at

John created JK Stevens Roofing Inc. to better serve the Central Florida housing market. The move into roofing brings with it John's 25+ years of experience in architecture and construction. Bringing a new level of service and professionalism to the roofing industry is important to JK Stevens Roofing. John explains, "I want to share my experiences and knowledge of the construction industry with my clients but more importantly, I want to bring my Eagle Scout ethics and integrity to the table. Being able to provide honest and trustworthy roofing services to my clients is one of the most exciting aspects of this business to me."